Partners & Operating Advisors

We are proud of our professional standards and team culture that provide clients the full depth and breadth of our expertise, experience and relationships, resulting in meaningful and highly valuable partnerships.

Our operating partners are drawn from the intelligence community, military special operations, technology security sector, Fortune 500 companies, Capitol Hill and government.

At our core, we are a professional services consulting firm that focuses on solving problems and creating opportunities for our clients.

Managing Partner

Greg Keeley has the unique distinction of service in both the United States Navy and the Royal Australian Navy, serving in combat roles in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pacific.

As Chief Operating Officer of a national security driven biosecurity company he had oversight of numerous labs, across two countries and four U.S. states. Previously, Mr Keeley held leadership roles in a number of cybersecurity startups.

Mr. Keeley served in senior roles in the United States Congress, including to; the Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee; the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee; and the Chairman of the Republican Senate Policy Committee.

He has worked dozens of campaigns at federal, state and local levels, including U.S. Senate, U.S. House, California Governor and statewide and local races in Alabama.

Born and raised in Australia, Mr. Keeley operated for the Commonwealth Government in various capacities including the Royal Australian Navy and Australian Federal Police – International Deployment Group.

As a sought-after national security analyst, Mr. Keeley is a regualr contributor to Fox News, Fox Business, Washington Times, Daily Caller, The Hill and the Guardian amongst others. He was the inaugural Visiting Fellow at the National Cyber Security Institute.

LCDR. Keeley is a Service Disabled Combat Veteran.


Intelligence | Research

Dr. Rankin brings an array of operational prowess to Dreadnaught.  A former police officer, undercover officer, and retired college educator, Dr. Rankin has a unique background and skill set. She has an uncanny ability to obtain, analyze, and utilize (weaponize) information.

Awarded the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Fellowship for the National Summer Data Policy Institute on the National Center for Education Statistics and National Science Foundation Databases, she also has served as a Research Fellow at the University of Alabama Research and Policy Center. Her training includes, but is not limited to, hazardous materials, OSHA, MSHA, education, public health, psychology, law enforcement, and environmental issues. Dr. Rankin has presented her work locally, nationally, and internationally.

Born and raised in Alabama, she has firmly established herself in the governmental and political sectors. Dr. Rankin has worked on multiple sensitive political campaigns at state and local levels.



David Crane, a legislative and public policy specialist with extensive experience in the United States Congress, has a wealth of political, legislative, government relations and coalition experience.

David Crane founded Quadripoint Strategies, a government relations and political consulting firm. Mr. Crane has also served in senior positions at The Washington Group and Global USA, Inc, where he established a reputation for achieving success on a broad range of high profile and complex legislative, public policy and appropriations issues in the policy areas of health and education, financial services, litigation management, homeland security, transportation, telecommunications, tax and trade.

Mr. Crane worked in the Senate as Senior Policy Advisor to Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. He managed the Leader’s activities with the Senate and House Appropriations Committees; particularly technology, transportation, health and education, energy, environment, banking, homeland security and financial services. In addition, he served as the Majority Leader’s liaison to the nation’s governors and state officials.


Katie is known for her sharp assessments of individuals, institutions, and quagmires.
She has a penchant for leading difficult conversations, a skill which was developed over
15 years as an economist and diplomat for the United States Government.

Katie leans across aisles and borders to spur goodwill and collaboration when possible,
and unfair advantage when necessary.

Of Counsel

Former U.S. Navy Aviator, Dan Barks has operated Bluestar Consortium for more than a decade.  He has close personal ties with political and business leaders around the globe.  Dan understands solving problems on a truly global scale.  He brings that wealth of experience to Dreadnaught.

He flew carrier-based A-6E Intruders for the U.S. Navy and served in both Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  Mr. Barks also spent a year in the Iraqi theater of operations.  After his service to our country, Dan entered law school at the University of South Carolina, graduating with honors.  Dan received his undergraduate degree in Political Science, with a concentration on Middle Eastern Studies, from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Dan is an active member of the Bars of the states of Georgia, Virginia and New York. In addition to his admissions to several United States District Courts, Dan is admitted and qualified before the Supreme Court of the United States as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.


Information Security

Tom brings to Dreadnaught years of experience in problem solving complimented by solid business acumen.  He is a multifaceted, senior marketing, operations, business development and M&A professional who has effectively dealt with all areas of business strategy, corporate development and business operations.

For the past twenty-five years Tom has focused on the cyber security market as it is broadly defined. He has a comprehensive understanding of Homeland Defense and Information Security.  Mr. Malatesta is a strong advocate of technology and innovation in the fields of risk assessment, risk management and risk mitigation.

His professional experience includes serving as CEO of FortressFone™ Technologies, President of Maryland InfraGard, the public-private partnership with the FBI. He has served in numerous advisory roles within the Homeland Security, Defense, Cyber Security and Consumer Electronic market sectors. He was CEO of Threatstorm International.

Identity Management | Data Analytics

Brent is a retired U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer.  He is a recognized leader;

Identity Management
Identity Matching and Correlation
Big Data
Real-Time Analytics
Cloud-based Computing
Information Assurance
Screening and Background Investigations
Trust Measurement

Specialties: Identity Management, Authentication, Identity Proofing, Software Development, Risk Management, Healthcare and Government IT, IT Security, Telecommunications, Product Development


Lance is a seasoned technology, information security, and privacy expert.  His areas of expertise are business mechanics, product management, program management, network architecture, and cybersecurity, with start-ups, government, and enterprise organizations. He is an experienced consultant, effective communicator and enjoys applying the accurate technology to the correct problem.

Specialties: Information Security, Security Policy, Risk Assessment, Executive Interface, Technology Start-Ups, Network Architecture, Business Operations, CTO, Secure Communications, Distributed Ledger, Decentralized Systems.

Web Services

Marko is a celebrated web developer.  He has worked internationally, in-house and remotely on projects for leading, agencies, startups and charities. He is committed to creating world-class, useful and beautiful products that help people and make a difference. User experience is central to everything he does.  Based on client requirement Marko can be immersed at different stages of a digital project, from the seed of the idea, design and the front-end and WordPress build. He can jump in at any stage of a project, or manage the whole project, from design to build – encompassing web development, internet security and project management.

U.K. Operations

Hon James Brazier has first-hand knowledge of international investigations at
the highest levels of government, and continues to maintain a personal,
hands-on, approach to enabling business throughout the globe.

He has been involved in global contentious complex challenges, from pre-
event through to post-event analysis and investigations, James has gained
strong commercial experience in dealing with cross-border and political
James will exploit opportunities while remaining secure, compliant and

Australia Operations

Simon has over a decade of experience in government and corporate communications and is a specialist in government, stakeholder and media relations. Simon worked in the Federal Government as a policy adviser to a Cabinet Minister and one of the world’s largest technology and business consulting companies.

Simon has over a decade of experience in government and corporate communications and is a specialist in government, stakeholder and media relations. Simon worked in the Federal Government as a policy adviser to a Cabinet Minister and one of the world’s largest technology and business consulting companies.