Media relations & earned media

We use our unparalleled media contacts to earn consistent high-quality and high-profile public relations media coverage for our clients across print, online, and broadcast media, both mainstream and targeted.

Message development

We help public relations clients articulate their story in a way that persuades and moves, and then we work to develop messaging, talking points, and briefing materials to tell it with impact.

Crisis management

We are quick, discreet, and experienced, helping clients prepare ahead of time for potential crises, and, when that’s not an option, jumping on board in urgent situations to get the story under control with our disaster recovery specialists.

Writing, editing, & placing content

Our team of skilled writers is ready to draft and shape eye-catching op-eds, blog posts, letters to the editor, speeches and social media content-the building blocks of a successful communications strategy.

Litigation Communications

We provide strategic counsel to clients involved in high-profile litigation, criminal investigations, regulatory proceedings and other legal crisis situations, helping them do battle in the court of public opinion while also defending themselves in a court of law.