Dreadnaught will reveal your opponent’s vulnerabilities.

Our intelligence-based collection methods will uncover and exploit any and all vulnerabilities of your competition.  If it is in the public domain and relevant, we find it, analyze it and develop a potential firing solution for the client.

Be it a comprehensive deep dive on a ten-year incumbent, a two-page memo on a new candidate or a comprehensive battle plan – our operatives have you covered.

Opposition Research

Actionable research on your opponent, not a “data dump”. Whether you need a deep dive or a quick background assessment, our services are always tailored to your specific needs.


Successful campaigns require a detailed plan and rigorous execution. We help you build and coordinate the team you need to win: integrating message, mechanics, and management to ensure success.

Rapid Response

Our rapid response team is tried and tested with the capabilities to help you understand and respond to attacks and crisis 24/7.

Vulnerability Studies

Know what your opponents will say before they say it. Our vulnerability studies prepare candidates and their teams to address challenges and respond to attacks.


We boast the most advanced vetting technology in the world.  Campaigns are judged by the company they keep. Dreadnaught provides vetting for campaign team members, donors, and other supporters to avoid distracting surprises.